Tweaking your PowerShell profile – Part 2: conditionally loading modules

Introduction In the previous post we saw how to show the progress as PowerShell loads your profile. I spend a lot of time working with the Azure PowerShell cmdlets so I had added them to my profile. However, it turned out that they can be a little slow to load (yes, I know I’m impatient!)….

Tweaking your PowerShell profile – Part 1: showing loading progress

Tl;dr In this post we look at adding rotating output at the top of the PowerShell window as shown here: Introduction Recently I realised that PowerShell was taking a while to load on my machine. I’d been adding more and more things to my profile and wanted a way to easily see what was taking…

Posh-HumpCompletion–from the ground up

Earlier this year I spent some time with Seth at Channel 9 and we recorded a couple of videos. I’m a little behind on things, but the first video is now up, and covers building posh-HumpCompletion from scratch. It skips over some of the optimisations, but covers the main functionality.