Including Headers for Request Events with Application Insights

When working with Application Insights recently in an ASP.NET application, I suddenly realised that the HTTP request and response headers weren’t included in the request data that is automatically captured. Fortunately, Application Insights has a few handy extensibility points, and this post looks at how to use one of them to include selected request and…

IntelliSense for Marathon Application and Group JSON in Visual Studio Code

tl;dr – You can get IntelliSense for Marathon applications and groups in Visual Studio Code by adding a $schema property The Problem I’ve been having quite a lot of fun with Docker Containers recently, including presenting at various conferences! For ease and speed of demoing, I’ve tended to show Docker Swarm (with Docker Compose) when…

Tweaking your PowerShell profile – Part 2: conditionally loading modules

Introduction In the previous post we saw how to show the progress as PowerShell loads your profile. I spend a lot of time working with the Azure PowerShell cmdlets so I had added them to my profile. However, it turned out that they can be a little slow to load (yes, I know I’m impatient!)….

Tweaking your PowerShell profile – Part 1: showing loading progress

Tl;dr In this post we look at adding rotating output at the top of the PowerShell window as shown here: Introduction Recently I realised that PowerShell was taking a while to load on my machine. I’d been adding more and more things to my profile and wanted a way to easily see what was taking…

Posh-HumpCompletion–from the ground up

Earlier this year I spent some time with Seth at Channel 9 and we recorded a couple of videos. I’m a little behind on things, but the first video is now up, and covers building posh-HumpCompletion from scratch. It skips over some of the optimisations, but covers the main functionality.