ASP.NET MVC resources

One of the fairly common questions I get asked is "what good resources are there for ASP.NET MVC?"

The one that people are generally familiar with is - I think the memorable URL helps 😉

Another one (that's a bit less discoverable) is the ASP.NET MVC Content Map 

Between them they should have enough links to keep you busy for a while 😉

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  1. Trademark Application says:

    Here is a similar story

    ASP.NET MVC3 includes Razor, a new markup language to define the template of views. Razor stands side by side with the old-fashioned ASPX markup language, which was at the foundation of the ASP.NET MVC view engine in earlier versions of ASP.NET MVC.

    You may not like or use Razor, and you may not agree that the resulting syntax is terser and cleaner. However, Razor is just one more option that developers can use, and a pretty nice one, at that. There are lots of places where you can learn more about the syntax of Razor. A good place to start is in the ASP.NET Razor Pages section on the ASP.NET website. This site also contains a link for Visual Basic developers. To read about Razor in a broader perspective, visit the DevProConnections website and search for articles published earlier this year.

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