Sprinkling the MEF fairy dust on DSLs

We’ve been enjoying injecting MEF extension points in our tools to make it easy for customers to write extensions using very simple code. Jean-Marc has just posted a sample demonstrating how MEF-enable your own DSL so you too can add MEF extension points for customers. See http://blogs.msdn.com/jmprieur/archive/2010/05/17/enabling-your-dsl-for-mef-extensions.aspx for details.


Tech Days in London

Writing this as I come back from speaking at Tech Days in London, in a series of deep dive sessions following the launch of VS2010. The venue was a cinema in Fulham Broadway. The place was full (between 500 and 600 people), indeed over-subscribed. I understand that some folks who turned up were turned away…


VS2010 Visualization and Modeling SDK

It’s great to see that the RTM version of the Visualization and Modeling SDK is also available at the launch and release of Visual Studio 2010. For details check out http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/vsvmsdk. See also Jean-Marc’s announcement of this. As well as the DSL Tools which has been much improved in this release (see What’s new), it…


What went wrong with my demo at the Architect Insight Conference

I recently gave a talk at the Microsoft Architect Insight Conference held in London recently. I gave a demo of the visualization and modeling tools in Visual Studio 2010, and received some very positive feedback about the tools from a number of those attending. In the final part of my demo, I showed how to…


Talking about architect tools at VS2010 launch

Visual Studio 2010 and .Net 4.0 launches today across the world, and I have the pleasure of giving a talk tomorrow at the UK Tech Days event in London as part of a set of deep dive sessions into the new release. For details see http://www.microsoft.com/uk/techdays/daydev.aspx. I’m going to be demonstrating the new visualization and…


Extending UML designers in VS2010 Beta2

As mentioned in this post, the UML designers in VS2010 Ultimate now come with a set of APIs that makes them easy to extend. I see that Peter Provost has now posted the first of a series of articles (going by the title of this one) explaining how to get started: Extending Visual Studio 2010…


Jean-Marc blogs about DSL Tools in VS2010 Beta2

Back from holiday (in Cyprus, 30 degrees C, very relaxing thanks), and as I suggested might happen in my previous entry, I see that Jean-Marc has blogged about DSL Tools in VS2010 Beta2: We released the DSL SDK for Visual Studio Beta2 this morning.


IMS Locks Sample for VS DSL Tools 2010 Beta1

I see that Jean-Marc has just posted another sample on the DSL Tools Code Gallery landing page, this time about the new IMS Locks capability. This allows you to make some parts of your models read-only, which is good for situations where some users (say an architect) are allowed to make changes to some aspects…


ModelBus Adapters Project Template

Jean-Marc has just posted a ModelBus Adapters project template on the Visual Studio Gallery. This template makes it easy to a modelbus adapter and adapter manager to your own DSL, which exposes your DSL for reference and access from other DSLs. This compliments the sample recently posted, as described in my last post.


DSL Tools VS2010 Beta1: ModelBus Sample

One of the most common asks from customers of the DSL Tools has been support for integrating models and designers, that is the ability to have models of the same or different DSL cross-reference one another, and the ability to write simple code that exploits these cross-references to implement interesting interactions between designers. In VS2010…