Visualizing work item graphs in VS2010

In Visual Studio 2010, released today, there is a new visualization tool which, in-the-box allows you to generate a quick graphical view of your code, amongst other things. Chris Lovett was a key architect of this tool, and has some great blogs about it’s features and how to get the most out of it. See…


Talking about architect tools at VS2010 launch

Visual Studio 2010 and .Net 4.0 launches today across the world, and I have the pleasure of giving a talk tomorrow at the UK Tech Days event in London as part of a set of deep dive sessions into the new release. For details see I’m going to be demonstrating the new visualization and…


Empirical assessment of the efficacy of MDE: Can you help?

I’m lending my support to a research project which is trying to assess the effectiveness of MDE. The project is being led by Jon Whittle, who’s now a professor at the University of Lancaster in the UK. Details of the project can be found at Personally, I’m hoping this project will not only shed…


Most influential paper award

Life can throw up surprises, some nasty some rather pleasant. Well this week I received an email which was a pleasant surprise. A paper I co-wrote ten years ago, when I was a researcher before joining Microsoft, just received an award from the VL/HCC conference series: Most Influential Paper from approximately one decade ago. See…


News from code generation 2009

I’m at the Code Generation 2009 conference in Cambridge, which started yesterday. Numbers are a little down on last year, but not much. Attendance is mostly from industry, with some academics. As usual it’s stuffed full of people with tons of experience in building code generators and languages to drive them. I gave a talk…


Speaking at Code Generation 2009

I’m speaking at the Code Generation 2009 conference in Cambridge in June on the topic of Code-Centric or Model-Centric – Approaches to developing software. Jean-Marc is also speaking on What’s new in the DSL Tools and T4 in Visual Studio 2010. I’m really looking forward to going to this conference which is at the cutting…


Vs2008 version of Dsl Book Samples

We’ve finally converted all the samples for our book on Domain Specific Development for VS2008. They can be downloaded from


More rapid deployment of VS extensions

Over on Deep’s blog I came across the following comment to his post on Tools for Tools. I had looked at creating a DSL for one of our projects a while ago, and in the end decided against it because the deployment was too complicated. In particular, here is how I want deployment to work:…


Great posting on distributed development

One of my colleagues (thanks Blair) pointed me at this: Our team is distributed between the US and UK and many of the points mentioned ring true in our experience. Eric stresses the need to maintain as high bandwidth communication as possible. We try and make maximum use of livemeeting and office communicator and use…


Other talks involving DSL Tools at TechEd Europe

Yesterday I posted about VSX talks at TechEd Europe, including one I’m giving on DSL Tools. I forgot to mention a couple of other talks involving the use of DSL Tools in software factories. Jezz Santos gives the details. Unfortunately Jezz can’t be there himself, but Don Smith, from patterns and practices, will be giving…