Interview with Steve Cook

No doubt lots of my colleagues will point you at this, including Steve himself. But here is a great interview with Steve Cook, giving lots of detailed answers to questions about software factories, DSLs, MDA and UML.


New blog

My friend Jean Bezivin, a well-known figure in the ‘model engineering’ research community, has started a blog. There are already a couple of good posts worth reading. I look forward to reading more.


Microsoft at OOPSLA

Here’s what Microsoft are doing at OOPSLA this year: Network connections permitting, I’ll be blogging for the couple of days I’m there. OOPSLA will be an interesting experience for me this year. In the past I’ve attended and presented as a researcher from the academic community. I wonder if the experience will be any…


Not going to UML conference, but will be at OOPSLA

I mentioned in an earlier post that I was giving a tutorial at the UML conference with Alan Wills. The tutorial is still happening, but unortunately I won’t have a hand in presenting it – I’m not able to make it to the conference. However, I will be at Oopsla on Tuesday (26 Oct) and…


UML conference

Two posts in the same day. I guess I’m making up for the two month gap. Anyway, Alan Wills and I are giving a tutorial at the UML conference in Lisbon in October. The tutorial is called “How to design and use Domain Specific Modeling Languages” and is on Tuesday 12th October in the afternoon….