Great article on MDA

Here’s a great article on MDA that my colleague Steve Cook pointed me at: A couple of highlights for me are: The distinction between the elaborationist and translationist views of MDA. A detailed critique of why the PIM/PSM distinction, so central to the OMG’s vision of MDA, places the emphasis in the wrong place.


Reaction to Grady Booch on UML and DSL’s.

Hello. I am a Program Manager at Microsoft working on infrastructure for developing modelling tools. You can find out a bit more about me, including what I did before joining Microsoft, here and here.   In this, my first posting, I want to react to a recent posting by Grady Booch on his blog. I’ve got…


Domain Specific Modelling. Is UML really the best tool for the job?

This is a reaction to a recent posting by Grady Booch on his  blog (May 21st 2004, “Expansion of the UML“). Before honing in on particular statements, here’s a good chunk of the posting to set some context:   “I was delighted to see today’s report that Sun has announced support for the UML in their tools….