Technical Debt

I’ve been doing some research on the topic of technical debt recently, and found the following great resources: Anyone know of others that would be worth looking at?


CodeLens & Code Map improvements announced at #VSConnect events

In case you missed them, there have been some new capabilities announced today in the #VSConnect event held today in New York. For a summary of some of the key new features overall see Announcing Visual Studio 2015 Preview and Visual Studio 2013 Update 4 Availability. And then there are three blog posts on new…


Kanban, MMFs and the Goldilocks Principle really resonates with me. The article explores Kanban and how it differs from other agile approaches such as Scrum. My experience with scrum was as follows. You peel off a set of stories from the backlog to deliver in that sprint. Because you have a fixed-timebox there is pressure to make the stories quite…


Nice to tweet you

I’ve been on twitter for a while, but only recently started to use it actively. Enjoying the experience. You can tweet me @sjhkent.


CodeLens incoming changes indicator

In case you missed in my recent post about Code @ Scale, Mathew Aniyan has just blogged about the CodeLens incoming changes indicator, an enhancement to CodeLens collaboration indicators that we’re shipping in Visual Studio Update 2. This helps the developer see changes in other branches that could impact the code they are currently working…


Code @ Scale

As customers you may not be that interested about how we are internally organized to deliver the tools and services in Visual Studio, TFS and Visual Studio Online. However, it helps to have a little of that background to understand why individuals focus on the topics they do. So, given that I have been quiet…