DSL Tools for Visual Studio 2010

It seems that my blog entries and those of some of my colleagues (Steve, Jean-Marc, Gareth) are like London buses: you wait for ages and then three come at once. And I’m definitely the worst offender – that bus which breaks down all the time.

Anyway, the reason why we’ve been so lax is that we’ve all been desperately busy getting Visual Studio 2010 out the door.

So it’s really exciting to announce the availability of DSL Tools for Visual Studio 2010 Beta1, hot on the heels of Visual Studio 2010 Beta1 itself and the corresponding Visual Studio SDK. Jean-Marc has all the details. We have a page summarizing the new features.

Various members of the team will be following up with blogs and samples, and we look forward to your feedback: the good, bad and ugly (actually, I’m sure you’re all extremely eloquent, so I don’t expect any ugliness). We’ll keep you up to date through the DSL Tools Code Gallery page.

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