Teach yourself DSL Tools

Jean-Marc has just posted a lab on code gallery, which provides a fully worked, step-by-step example of creating a DSL from scratch. If you’re new to DSL Tools, or want to teach others how to use them, then you may find this useful. Nearly forgot the link. It’s at: http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/DSLToolsLab


DSL Tools and Oslo

The Oslo modeling platform was announced at Microsoft’s PDC and we’ve been asked by a number of customers what the relationship is between DSL Tools and Oslo. So I thought it would be worth clearing the air on this. Keith Short from the Oslo team has just posted on this very same question. I haven’t…


DSL Tools in Visual Studio 2010

The first public CTP of Visual Studio 10 Anyone attending or watching the goings on at Microsoft’s Professional Developers Conference (PDC) will have heard about the next version of Visual Studio. If you were at PDC, you will have received a VPC containing a Community Technology Preview of Visual Studio 10. If you were not,…