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So now I've found myself some time to get the blog started again with Long time no blog, UML and DSLs here's a little catch up on all things VSX and DSL.


Jean-Marc Prieur has recently joined the team as a program manager. Jean-Marc is a colleague of mine in Cambridge, and it's great to have him join us. Jean-Marc will be helping with both product work and driving community activities in Europe.


As usual, Gareth has been summarizing others'

blogs with lots of interesting links. Take a look at Couple more VSX bloggers and A rash of bloggers. has recently published a paper about adding prototype (pattern) support to your DSL. There's a video to go with it.


In case you missed it, VS 2008 SP1 Beta has been released, together with a matching SDK. See Visual Studio 2008 SDK 1.1 Beta has shipped from Quan for details. Service pack releases focus on fixing bugs and increasing overall quality. For the Dsl platform, we fixed some bugs around line routing when using nested shapes. For those of you who have our book, this means that you can follow the instructions on pages 443 to 446 to implement nested shapes, rather than adopt the workaround on pages 446 to 453. The bugs we fixed remove the problem described at the top of page 446. We also provided a print preview feature. Run your designer on SP1 and you should see this capability just appear.

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