Great links from Gareth

Gareth is obviously settled in the US now, because he's starting to become a prolific blog poster again. Unlike me, who only manages it in spurts.

He's recently put up a series of posts with some great links. So for those of you who don't already read Gareth's blog here's some stuff worth investigating:

On code generation:

Fun use of T4 to generate strongly-typed web navigation

More general-purpose T4 goodness

Help in tackling the hard problem of model -- code synchronization

On using DSLs as part of Software Factories:

Wojtek at Wicsa

Team Architect Case Study with Software Factories

On evolving DSLs:

Gerardo explores domain-specific language evolution tools

On getting started with VSX:

Inovak learns VSX - Now!

And finally, a video of a situation which I find myself in many times as part of distributed development team in Microsoft...

Too much of life wasted on this soundtrack

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