Back with Team Architect

As Cameron blogged in Visual Studio Team System 2010 Architecture: Prologue, the DSL Tools team have recently moved back to Team Architect from the Visual Studio Platform team. We’ve been working increasingly closely with Team Architect since they renewed their focus on building VS modeling tools integrated using the DSL Tools. By moving back to…


Teach yourself DSL Tools

Jean-Marc has just posted a lab on code gallery, which provides a fully worked, step-by-step example of creating a DSL from scratch. If you’re new to DSL Tools, or want to teach others how to use them, then you may find this useful. Nearly forgot the link. It’s at:


DSL Tools and Oslo

The Oslo modeling platform was announced at Microsoft’s PDC and we’ve been asked by a number of customers what the relationship is between DSL Tools and Oslo. So I thought it would be worth clearing the air on this. Keith Short from the Oslo team has just posted on this very same question. I haven’t…


DSL Tools in Visual Studio 2010

The first public CTP of Visual Studio 10 Anyone attending or watching the goings on at Microsoft’s Professional Developers Conference (PDC) will have heard about the next version of Visual Studio. If you were at PDC, you will have received a VPC containing a Community Technology Preview of Visual Studio 10. If you were not,…


Chinese version of DSL Book published

Our colleagues in China have been busy translating our DSL Book into Chinese. It’s taken 6 months and 9 translators. See for the story. The translation is available for sale online.


VSX Developer Conference

We’re holding our first Visual Studio Extensibility Developer conference in September. See for details, including information on how to sign up.


Vs2008 version of Dsl Book Samples

We’ve finally converted all the samples for our book on Domain Specific Development for VS2008. They can be downloaded from


Agile platform development. The problem.

Classic scrum Our team uses Scrum to manage it’s software development. A key tenet of Scrum is that there should be a product manager (PM) who own’s a backlog (that is, a ranked list) of customer facing stories. Scrum organizes development work into sprints, typically 3-4 weeks long. Before each sprint, there is a sprint…


Catching Up

So now I’ve found myself some time to get the blog started again with Long time no blog, UML and DSLs here’s a little catch up on all things VSX and DSL. People Jean-Marc Prieur has recently joined the team as a program manager. Jean-Marc is a colleague of mine in Cambridge, and it’s great…


Long Time No Blog, UML and DSLs

Technorati Tags: DSL Tools,UML Embarrassing, but true. Last time I blogged was back in February. I’m on one of my regular trips to Redmond, and jet lag still means I’m getting up at 4am. Usually on these trips I use the early morning to do a bit of work, then go for a run. However,…