Sample of hosting a DSL in the VS2008 isolated shell

A new sample has been published of a hosting a DSL in the VS2008 isolated shell. See

The isolated shell is a stripped out VS shell who's UI and splash screen you can customize. VS packages, including DSLs, can be hosted in both full VS and in your own customized shell without change. This sample shows how to do this specifically in the case where you want to host a DSL in a custom shell, for example to distribute to a designer to non-developer stakeholders. See the VSX development center for more details.

This sample shows a storyboarding DSL, which a product manager or business analyst might do to envision the requirements of an application. In addition to demonstrating hosting in the shell, the sample also shows a couple of cool customizations on a DSL, including a very simple approach to linking diagrams, generation of web pages for the storyboard, and export of images off the design surface.

Here's a screenshot:


Thanks to Clarius for putting this up.

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