Jobs on our team (in UK and US)

Our team is continuing to expand. We now have jobs available in both Redmond (US) and Cambridge (UK). Gareth provides the details. Technorati Tags: jobs,software development


Hiking in the snow

I’ve been visiting Redmond to work with the team over there. I stayed over the weekend and got to go hiking in the snow with Andy Bliven, a developer in Team Architect. We were blessed with a gloriously sunny, but bitterly cold day between two snow storms. First time I’ve experienced my hair freezing. I’m…


Sample of hosting a DSL in the VS2008 isolated shell

A new sample has been published of a hosting a DSL in the VS2008 isolated shell. See The isolated shell is a stripped out VS shell who’s UI and splash screen you can customize. VS packages, including DSLs, can be hosted in both full VS and in your own customized shell without change. This…