Other talks involving DSL Tools at TechEd Europe

Yesterday I posted about VSX talks at TechEd Europe, including one I'm giving on DSL Tools.

I forgot to mention a couple of other talks involving the use of DSL Tools in software factories. Jezz Santos gives the details. Unfortunately Jezz can't be there himself, but Don Smith, from patterns and practices, will be giving the talks. I had the opportunity to work with Don a few months back on an assignment, and the work his team has been doing on a modeling version of the service factory is impressive. If you want to see a very real, practical application of graphical DSLs in taking some of the grunt out of the development process, then Don's talk on the service factory is a 'must see'.

Comments (2)

  1. I promised a while ago to publish a roadmap for what we’re doing with DSL Tools, post VS2008. Now that

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