What future for DSL Tools?

I've recently received a number of questions about DSL Tools, making me realize that our messaging about the future of this technology has not been very clear. One such question has just appeared on the DSL Tools forum, so I've spent a little time replying to it - take a look here. I've restated the important bit of my answer below:

"DSL Tools has recently moved from Team Architect to the Visual Studio platform, together with some of the team that developed it. This has been announced in various places including on my blog.

We are still adjusting to the move and producing a roadmap that makes sense in the new context. Please be patient for a few more weeks. I'll begin by publicising what we're doing to support Visual Studio Team System codename 'Rosario'. For VS2008 (Beta 2 available), the main change is to move the runtime into every Visual Studio box, including the new VS2008 shell (redist of run time no longer required). We've also fixed bugs and improved the path editing experience in the Dsl Designer."

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