Microsoft Moves Ahead with Software Modeling

That's the title of an article in e-week reporting on an interview with Soma. Thanks to Gareth and Pedro for pointing this out.

When I joined Microsoft four and half years ago, I left a career as a reasearcher in model driven development to join a company that was not recognized as a player in this approach to software development. Now, as Soma points out, there are a range of initiatives across the company looking at model driven development. It wil lbe an exciting ride ahead...

One of those initiatives is Software Factories (mentioned in Soma's article), and DSL Tools has been instrumental in supporting that vision - see for example the web services software factory, modeling edition, as described in this article by Don.

As mentioned in my earlier post, DSL Tools, and our team, have moved into the VS Platform, and it's great that we are now in a position to support the adoption of this technology by more teams inside Microsoft, as well as continued adoption by external partners and customers. We're working on our roadmap, but the general direction is to continue to evolve and enhance the DSL Tools to support richer modeling scenarios, and at the same time generalize our model-driven approach to creating designers (the tools in DSL Tools are built using DSL Tools) for creating other kinds of tools and extensions to Visual Studio, not just modeling tools.

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