Seven stages of models

There aren’t really seven, but it makes for a good title (look up “seven stages shakespeare” if you’re feeling puzzled at this point.) Anyway, I’ve been watching a debate between Harry, Gareth and now Steven, on the process of building models, including how alike or unalike that is to programming. There also seem to be…


The ideal tool…

Just noticed this little nugget over on Steven’s blog at MetaCase (just gloss over the blatant marketing): “Obviously the ideal tool would be as fast and powerful to use as MetaEdit+, and have its maturity, but also have the extensibility of Microsoft’s DSL Tools, without crashing into the customization cliff. It should however run on…


DSL tools samples download now available

Like buses, you wait a while then two come at once. That’s right, just a week after we released the latest version of DSL Tools, we’ve also released an update to the samples. This download includes: A complete end-to-end sample of a project in which most of the code is generated from a DSL, and the use…


The creator of WiX blogs about the deployment feature in the new release of DSL Tools

In the latest release of DSL Tools we make use of the WiX toolset to create MSIs. Rob Mensching, the creator of this toolset, has blogged about what we have done. Without WiX, our job would have been much harder in implementing this feature… so thanks, Rob. Rob also mentions Grayson Myers in his blog….


New release of DSL Tools available

Our next release of DSL Tools is now available. This release works with the final released version of VS2005. Goto the DSL Tools website at to download it. This is the release I talked about in my blog entry at


Automating tedious tasks (2)

In my last entry I talked about how to go about automating tedious tasks for developers. Of course, developers are not the only people involved in software development. What about automating stuff for everyone else? Part of my job involves project management, and recently I’ve experienced the joy of having tasks automated for me. In…


Automating tedious tasks

I’ve just added a new byline to my blog: automating tedious tasks. A complaint often levelled at Software Factories is that it will turn developers into automatons, just pushing buttons to drive the factory to do all the clever stuff. I think the exact opposite is the case. The point of technologies, such as DSLs, which…


Using VSTS with Excel for task tracking

I’ve had reason recently to use the task tracking features in Visual Studio Team System. We’ve been tracking our bugs for some time in VSTS, and wanted to move over to tracking tasks there as well – it’s so convenient to have it all in one place. The blocker was that we had been using…


Writing a book

I see that Steve has let the cat of the bag – we (that is Steve, Alan, Gareth and myself) are writing a book on DSL Tools. Let us know if there are particular topics you’d like to see covered. We’ll try and blog about some of the content as we write it.   


DSL Tools with Visual Studio 2005 RTM

Now that Visual Studio 2005 has been released to manufacture (RTM), folks are asking us when to expect a version of DSL Tools that works with the RTM release. Well, you won’t have to wait long – it should be available within the next two or three weeks. And we’ve got two new features lined up for…