Windows in StreamInsight: Hopping vs. Snapshot

Three weeks ago, we explained the basic concept of windows in StreamInsight: defining sets of events that serve as arguments for set-based operations, like aggregations. Today, we want to discuss the so-called Hopping Windows and compare them with Snapshot Windows. We will compare these two, because they can serve similar purposes with different behaviors; we…


StreamInsight Bloggers

[Update: Added Badrish] As a faithful reader of the StreamInsight Team Blog, you probably know that there exist other blogs by members of the team – we’d like to plug them here once again. The following personal blogs contain lots of technical, detailed hands-on content, and should be considered as another channel of StreamInsight documentation:…


StreamInsight LINQPad Driver

Joseph Albahari’s LINQPad has become an indispensable tool for many of us on the StreamInsight team. It allows you to quickly design, test and visualize results for LINQ queries. We’ve now developed a dedicated LINQPad driver for StreamInsight with Joe’s help that you can use to quickly explore temporal data and StreamInsight’s temporal LINQ dialect! To…


Windows in StreamInsight: The Basics

If you start learning how to write StreamInsight queries, most likely one of the first concepts you come across are windows. In this article, we’d like to shed some light on the usage of windows, hoping to provide a better understanding for the benefits as well as constraints of using windows. And I will spare…


TechEd Europe Presentations

A subset of the team went to Berlin two weeks ago to talk about StreamInsight at TechEd EMEA 2010. We had a great time in a great city, and got a lot of interest for StreamInsight at the SQL Server booth. All sessions were recorded and are available to the public – here are ours:…


SQL Adapter Samples

We have added a new StreamInsight sample in the form of a Visual Studio solution called SqlApplication. The sample contains input and output adapter implementations that interface with Microsoft SQL Server. These are “generic” or un-typed adapters in that they can work with any given event type specified during query binding time, as long as…


Installing StreamInsight Side by Side

In our announcement of StreamInsight 1.1 we talked about StreamInsight Side by Side installation support. We wanted to clarify a couple of key points for this feature. The Side-by-Side installation process for V1.1 will not stop any StreamInsightHost instances that are currently running. This means that queries that are running against a V1.0 StreamInsightHost instance…


Stop() the Adapter

The purpose of this blog posting is to discuss the newly added Adapter.Stop() method. We’ll go over the scenarios where you might need to use it, explain the semantics of this method and offer some suggestions on how it might be used by adapter authors. There are many cases where the adapter is waiting on…


Localized StreamInsight 1.1 Published

We just released 10 localized versions of StreamInsight and published the packages on the respective Microsoft Download Center pages. Apart from English, StreamInsight 1.1 is now available in Chinese (Simplified, Traditional), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. Regards, The StreamInsight Team


New Samples Published

The integration with .NET sequences (IEnumerable, IObservable) which is now part of StreamInsight is an extremely versatile new API. It opens up a number of scenarios that were not as straightforward to implement before, and it is also great for quick prototyping and testing. Of course, the greatest API will only be of limited use…