Shuttle Tracker Demo (PDC)

StreamInsight was featured in a demo during the SQL Spatial presentation at PDC, given by Ed Katibah and Olivier Meyer. Some of you asked for the sample code, here you are! The example illustrates how to include existing code from existing libraries to extend StreamInsight queries. This sample specifically shows how to include functionality from the…


PDC Demos

Many of you asked for the demos we showed at PDC. Attached is a .zip file containing two applications of StreamInsight that Torsten presented in his talk: SimpleMonitor: Simple example of a StreamInsight query with a WHERE clause to filter out stock quotes from a random stock quote feed. The feed currently just generates “IBM” and…


PDC Talks

We had a great time at PDC last week. Lots of interest in StreamInsight at the SQL booth and good attendance of our talks – even the last one, which was scheduled in the last possible slot of the conference. People stayed until the end and asked excellent questions, showing that they understand StreamInsight and its potential….


StreamInsight November CTP Refresh released!

As many of you have noticed, the November CTP of SQL Server 2008 R2 has been released about two weeks ago. StreamInsight, being part of the SQL Server suite of products, has been part of that release as well. However, we want to make sure that you are able to work with the latest bits,…


StreamInsight at PDC

It has been pretty silent around here for quite some time – we have been busy pushing our next CTP out the door. Announcement will follow!Moreover, we will talk about StreamInsight in several sessions at PDC next week in Los Angeles: BizTalk and StreamInsight: A Better Together Story Mark Simms, Session 3 – Theatre Chalk…


How to Manage Microsoft StreamInsight with PowerShell

Are you running the StreamInsight host (StreamInsightHost.exe) or do you have an application that hosts the StreamInsight engine? If so, you might wonder how an administrator could retrieve manageability information or access metadata in the StreamInsight engine. It is possible that you often cannot afford and do not want to develop a full-blown application in…


Updated Sample Package

As you might have noticed, we posted a small update of our documentation and sample package. We corrected the culture problem for the text file input adapters, so that these samples work out of the box also on non en-US cultured systems. Moreover, we included small corrections in the documentation .chm file. Head to our…


IObservable in StreamInsight

Reading several blog posts in the last few days, there has been some apparent confusion over StreamInsight’s usage of Reactive LINQ’s IObservable/IObserver interfaces. StreamInsight is an event processing platform that has well defined application time semantics. It leverages those semantics to offer rich constructs for expressing queries over temporal event streams. This facilitates the development…


StreamInsight Goes Public!

During the past few years we have heard from some of you on the need for incorporating “events” and “event streams” into your applications. In our conversations with all of you it emerged that some of you looked upon these applications as “Complex Event Processing (CEP) Applications” while some of you simply referred to them as…