A Hitchhiker’s Guide to StreamInsight 2.1 Queries

Back in 2010 we released the first version of an educational guide to StreamInsight Queries to help developers mind shift into the new paradigm. With the release of StreamInsight 2.1 and introducing the New Programming Model, we thought this was the right time to freshen up this document.

The format and the storyline stay mostly untouched from the original. There are several improvements to the document. It is updated to the new programming model introduced in v2.1. As a consequence we do not talk about adapters anymore, as they are not necessary to introduce the query language, and it helps simplify the narrative. We have also improved and extended event data visualizations, which makes it easier to understand and follow the queries.

The guide consists of a PDF document and a Visual Studio solution that accompanies the paper.

The VS solution is also part of the StreamInsight 2.1 samples on CodePlex and the queries discussed in the paper are also included in the StreamInsight 2.1 LinqPad samples.


The StreamInsight Team

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