StreamInsight V2.0 Released!

The StreamInsight Team is proud to announce the release of StreamInsight V2.0! This is the version that ships with SQL 2012, and as such it has been available through Connect to SQL CTP customers already since December. As part of the SQL 2012 launch activities, we are now making V2.0 available to everyone, following our tradition of providing a separate download page.

StreamInsight V2.0 includes a number of stability and performance fixes over its predecessor V1.2. Moreover it introduces a dependency on the .NET Framework 4.0, as well as on SQL 2012 license keys. For these reasons, we decided to bump the major version number, even though V2.0 does not add new features or API surface. It can be regarded a stepping stone to the upcoming release 2.1 which will contain significantly new APIs (that will depend on .NET 4.0).

Head over here to download StreamInsight V2.0. The updated Books Online can be found here.

Update: For instructions on how to make your existing application work against the new bits without recompilation, see here.

The StreamInsight Team

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  1. mortenbpost says:


    When will LINQPAD work for this release?

  2. We are in the process of updating the LINQPad drivers to work with V2.0. Should only take a few more hours/days!

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