Rolling Out 101 Samples

StreamInsight’s LINQ query and analytics language is powerful and versatile. To ease users and developers over the inevitable initial learning curve, we know that high-quality documentation and a variety of examples are absolutely crucial. While we are trying to improve the former with every new release, we have also maintained a set of samples of the StreamInsight CodePlex site. Since the release of our plugin for the popular LINQPad, publishing query samples and snippets has become much easier and straightforward. We recently started collecting typical streaming computation patterns and expressing them in StreamInsight LINQ as basic building blocks – sort of the “101 StreamInsight Query Patterns”. Today we release the first set of these patterns, downloadable directly through the LINQPad UI:


Clicking on “Download more samples” will bring up a dialog window. Scrolling down you’ll see the StreamInsight sample section with a link to download:


This download will pick up the new samples, regardless of whether you already had a previous version or not.

The StreamInsight Team

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