Localized StreamInsight 1.1 Published

We just released 10 localized versions of StreamInsight and published the packages on the respective Microsoft Download Center pages. Apart from English, StreamInsight 1.1 is now available in Chinese (Simplified, Traditional), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. Regards, The StreamInsight Team


New Samples Published

The integration with .NET sequences (IEnumerable, IObservable) which is now part of StreamInsight is an extremely versatile new API. It opens up a number of scenarios that were not as straightforward to implement before, and it is also great for quick prototyping and testing. Of course, the greatest API will only be of limited use…


Releasing StreamInsight V1.1

Today we are excited to announce the release of StreamInsight 1.1, just four months after our Version 1.0 Refresh! According to our goal of adding value incrementally with every new version, these are the new features in 1.1: Using .NET sequences instead of adapters as event sources and sinks, which makes the integration with many…


StreamInsight Case Study

Edgenet is an Atlanta-based company that offers data services to suppliers, retailers, and distributors, helping them to better target their audiences and support their sales efforts. As recently described in a Microsoft case study article, they became an early adopter of SQL Server 2008 R2, leveraging its features to better track changes and manage large…


Twitter Input Adapter

We are delighted to see the StreamInsight developer community shaping up. Johan Åhlén, one of the most active members of this group, has published a Twitter input adapter last week, featured on SQLServerCentral. It uses the Twitter API to receive near-real time updates from the “sample method” and “filter method” APIs (the full firehose API…