New sample added on CodePlex

We just added a new sample solution to the StreamInsight product team samples package on CodePlex. The new solution contains three projects:

  • HelloToll
  • HelloTollTutorial
  • AsyncCsvAdapter

The first two contain the walk-through examples of the "Hitchhiker's Guide to StreamInsight Queries" white paper, which we pitched here some weeks ago. The adapters used in these projects have been modified and are now implemented by the single project AsyncCsvAdapter. As the name suggests, this project shows how to use the Asynchronous IO .Net API to write a file-reading input adapter (the output adapter in the project is not asynchronous). Using the IO callback of FileStream.BeginRead enables the adapter to adhere to the push-model much closer than our simple text file reader adapter sample, which loops through the lines of a file one-by-one. Moreover, both adapters in this new project show how to use an interface in order to avoid redundant code across multiple adapters for our different event shapes (Point, Interval, Edge).

For more information, please refer to the READMEs in the solution and projects.

The StreamInsight Team.

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