Download StreamInsight – Update on the Update

Last week, we announced an update of StreamInsight 1.0, which was released through the SQL Server hotfix channel, as part of the R2 Cumulative Update 2. To make things a little easier for StreamInsight users, we established a direct download link to the new bits. Here are the English packages:

StreamInsight.msi 64 bit
StreamInsight.msi 32 bit

The StreamInsight Client package installs a subset of StreamInsight which lets you implement only the client side functionality: Connecting to an existing server, managing queries, and using the debugger tool. It does not support running an embedded server or creating a StreamInsight service. The StreamInsight Client does not require a license:

StreamInsightClient.msi 64 bit
StreamInsightClient.msi 32 bit

We will update our product page with these links, as well as other locales.


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