TechEd 2010 StreamInsight Session and Demo

It was great to meet you all in New Orleans at TechEd North America 2010. For those of you looking for my session “Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 StreamInsight: Come See the Value of Real-Time Data Management”, you can find the content here:

- Session video:
- Slide deck:

In the attached ZIP file, you can also find the code for the Market Monitoring demo with the Silverlight UI for the stock trend lines and the SQL output that I was demoing in the session. Please look for the Word document called “TechEd2010 Demo Script.docx” in the solution folder: it describes the prerequisites and the steps to run the demo.


Comments (11)

  1. Erchan says:

    Hi Torsten!

    This file is corrupted

    Please fix it


  2. Thanks for pointing this out – please try again.


    The StreamInsight Team

  3. Erchan says:

    Thanks, Thanks, Thanks …

  4. Dan says:

    "Start StreamInsight Engine" works. But "Listen to Output Adapter" and "Stop StreamInsight Engine" don't. What could be the problem?

  5. Dan,

    Can you give us more information about your problem? What happens if you click on the said buttons? Do you see any exception? Is the server console window showing any output when you click on those buttons?



  6. Dan says:


    Thanks for your help on this. When I click on "Start StreamInsight Engine", the server console continuously shows the output events. So, WCFDuplexTextClient is talking to WCFDuplexServer and the engine starts and works fine. When I then click on "Listen to Output Adapter", the text box displays "Listening to StreamInsight engine output now." But no output event is displayed there and the trend line chart remains empty. I finally click on "Stop StreamInsight Engine". The text box displays "Stopping StreamInsight engine." However, the server console continues to show output events.


  7. Dan says:


    Thanks for your help on this:

    (1) When I click on "Start StreamInsight Engine", the server console continuously displays output events.

    (2) When I then click on "Listen to Output Adapter", the text box displays "Listening to StreamInsight engine output now." But the output events are not displayed and the trend line chart remains empty.

    (3) When I then click on "Stop StreamInsight Engine", the text box displays "Stopping StreamInsight engine." But the server console continue to display output events.

    There is no exception thrown.


  8. The zip download does nothing.

  9. Torsten Grabs says:

    There is a known issue with this demo on StreamInsight 1.2. A simple workaround is to tweak the query in Queries.cs as follows (just adding the casts at the end):

               return from oneMinReading in quoteStream

                      group oneMinReading by new








                      into oneGroup

                      from eventWindow in oneGroup.HoppingWindow(TimeSpan.FromSeconds(5), TimeSpan.FromSeconds(1), HoppingWindowOutputPolicy.ClipToWindowEnd)

                      select new RandomQuoteResult


                          Ticker = oneGroup.Key.Ticker,

                          AssetClass = oneGroup.Key.AssetClass,

                          Market = oneGroup.Key.Market,

                          Country = oneGroup.Key.Country,

                          Region = oneGroup.Key.Region,

                          AvgLast = eventWindow.Avg(e => e.Last),

                          AvgBid = eventWindow.Avg(e => e.Bid),

                          AvgAsk = eventWindow.Avg(e => e.Ask),

                          AvgVolume = (double) eventWindow.Avg(e => e.Volume),

                          AvgBidSize = (double) eventWindow.Avg(e => e.AskSize),

                          AvgAskSize = (double) eventWindow.Avg(e => e.BidSize),


  10. Shane Laney says:


    I found that the "WCFDuplexTextClient" project is picky about the Silverlight runtime installed and the project will not load if "later" versions are installed.   This appears to be a Visual Studio thing as you can't re-add the Silverlight client to the solution to resolve it.  To work around this, go to Control Panel – Programs and Features, and be sure to remove "Microsoft Silverlight" from the list and re-install the "Silverlight 4 Tools for Visual Studio 2010".  You will need "Micrsoft Silverlight" version 4.0.50826.0.

    Best Regards,


  11. Shane Laney says:

    More detail to add to previous post.

    One catch with Silverlight 4.0 is that IE 9 only recognizes 4.1 or greater.  What I found is that the "WCFDuplexTextClient" does not open with 4.1, but it will with some of the later versions of Silverlight (I have successfully used 5.1.10411.0).  I believe issue I discovered earlier was ultimately caused by installing the Silverlight 5 SDK.  Finally, after uninstalling all of the Silverlight references, installing ONLY the SDK's installed by the instructions, and upgrading the Silverlight runtime (all in that order) does the "WCFDuplexTextClient" project open and compile.



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