CodePlex Samples Up and Running

The StreamInsight sample repository on CodePlex is finally online! Currently, you can download the whole source tree as a single zip file, which is the default CodePlex feature to get the code. However, this space is not supposed to be restricted to sample code from the product team. In fact, it is not even owned by Microsoft, but by Greg Low, one of SQL's MVPs, who has worked with StreamInsight already quite a bit and assembled excellent training material. The idea is to create a space for the StreamInsight developer and user community to exchange sample adapters, queries and applications. If you have developed a StreamInsight sample that you would like to share, please let us know, so that Greg can promote you to a contributor to the project. This will give your code great visibility, since the StreamInsight installation creates a Start Menu link to this site! As soon as multiple parties are contributing to this project, it will make sense to also publish the sources as separate zip files, under the "Releases" tab.

The samples that are currently available correspond to the ones that we attached to the recent blog article, with a couple of glitches removed and the code significantly cleaned up - definitely worth an update. Over the next several days, we will talk about various aspects included in the samples here in the blog.


The StreamInsight Team

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