RTM Sample Preview

Those of you who have installed the RTM version of StreamInsight 1.0 have probably wondered about that link to CodePlex that doesn't really lead to any samples. We will resolve this isue soon, but in the meantime, we'd like to give you something to work with right here. Attached to this article is a zip file, containing two sample solutions with 3 projects each:

TrafficJoinQuery (very similar to one of the apps in the CTP):

  • A simple text file reader input adapter.
  • A simple text file writer output adapter.
  • An application that demonstrates the explicit query binding and joins two input streams in a query.


  • A data generator input adapter, simulating an asynchronous data source.
  • A tracer output adapter, dumping events to the console (again analogous to the one in the CTP).
  • An application that demonstrates query composability, count windows, and UDAs.

You will find the solution files in the respective subfolder inside the Applications folder. Each solution as well as each adapter project contains a README file that provides further information. Moreover, the code has a lot of - hopefully useful - comments. 

This should get you started - more samples will follow over the next weeks. Let us know if these are useful!


The StreamInsight Team


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