StreamInsight Versions and SQL Server SKUs

This blog has been quiet for a while - be assured that this is a sign of hard work in the product team! As RTM is coming closer, we would like to clarify the licensing model around StreamInsight. Various pieces of information have circulated, some of them caused confusion. 

The two factors that distinguish event driven application scenarios from one another are the event rate (number of events processed per second) and the latency that can be tolerated (the amount of time within which the events have to be ingested to produce the desired output). StreamInsight is designed to handle a wide variety of scenarios and comes in two versions which differ in the number of concurrently executing operations. To determine the suitability of a version for a real-world scenario, we recommend to run a benchmark with the StreamInsight evaluation edition. As a rough guideline, The premium version of StreamInsight is recommended when event rates exceed 5000 events per second or latency requirements are less than 5 seconds. For event rates less than 5000 events per second and/or latency requirements in excess of 5 seconds then we recommend the standard version of StreamInsight. The premium version is included with SQL Server 2008 R2 Datacenter, while the standard version comes with SQL Server 2008 R2 Standard and Enterprise.


The StreamInsight Team

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  1. John Apps says:

    StreamInsight does look more than interesting. A little more on the underlying architecture, e.g., software employed for queuing of events, possible plans to support industry standards such as AMQP, FIX, in the input and output adapters, would be more than helpful.

    The latency rates given of ‘less than 5 seconds’ are a bit misleading as no financial system today could leave with latency that high. Make it closer to 5 milliseconds, or even sub-millisecond.

    Thank you, John

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