Processing compressed event streams with Azure Stream Analytics

Did you know that Azure Stream Analytics now supports input data with compression data formats such as GZIP and Deflate streams? This is especially critical in scenarios where either bandwidth is limited, and/or message size is high. This blog shows you how to squeeze the most value out of your data with compression input formats….

Tumbling, Sliding and Hopping Windows with Azure Streaming

I found these series of posts by @DesertIsleSQL very well written describing Tumbling, Sliding and Hopping Window functions in Azure Streaming queries. Incorporating Azure Streaming Analytics with Azure ML – Part 1 Using Tumbling Windows to Select Data from Azure Stream Analytics – Part 2 Azure Stream Analytics Hopping – Part 3    

Azure Stream Analytics @ The First Ever Cortana Analytics Workshop!

The Azure Stream Analytics (ASA) team was proud to be a part of the first ever Cortana Analytics Workshop that was held September 10-11, 2015. The 2-day event was sold out, we had around 700 attendees, around 500 customers/partners from 293 companies and 35 countries (almost 1 in 5 attendees were non-US). For those newly…


New: Support for Power BI Groups and Documentation Updates

As the fall begins to kick into high gear, we are excited to have another great new feature to share with you today: Support for pushing output from your Stream Analytics job to Power BI Groups, allowing the output and any associated dashboards etc. to be shared with other Power BI users. Groups in Power…

New ASA Features: Service Bus Queues, Topics outputs & Power BI Org Id decoupled from Azure Id

We are pleased to announce the following new features added to Azure Stream Analytics: Built-in Output to Service Bus Queues and Topics In your Azure Stream Analytics job, you now have two additional output options: Service Bus queues and topics. These options enable you to easily implement many common use cases like integration with your…

Azure Stream Analytics used in Healthcare

Interested in seeing how our customers use Azure Stream Analytics to derive real time insights into their data in the Health care sector?   News article: You can find the complete case study here:   Do you have a scenario you would like to collaborate with the product team to light up?  Contact…