Processing compressed event streams with Azure Stream Analytics

Did you know that Azure Stream Analytics now supports input data with compression data formats such as GZIP and Deflate streams? This is especially critical in scenarios where either bandwidth is limited, and/or message size is high. This blog shows you how to squeeze the most value out of your data with compression input formats….

Query Pattern of the Week: Use expressions inside a TIMESTAMP BY clause

Azure Stream Analytics allows expressing complex event processing rules using a simple SQL-like query language. Given the temporal nature of Stream Analytics queries, it is important to specify a timestamp for every input event.  By default, Stream Analytics will use arrival time of the input event – e.g. if Event Hub is used as an…


Query Pattern of the Week: Send data to multiple outputs

Have you checked out our team’s collection of Common Stream Analytics Query Patterns? This location acts as a repository for query patterns commonly used by our customers. One pattern that frequently comes up in real-world applications is directing job data to multiple outputs to enable both a hot path and a cold path for data….


Azure Stream Analytics @ The First Ever Cortana Analytics Workshop!

The Azure Stream Analytics (ASA) team was proud to be a part of the first ever Cortana Analytics Workshop that was held September 10-11, 2015. The 2-day event was sold out, we had around 700 attendees, around 500 customers/partners from 293 companies and 35 countries (almost 1 in 5 attendees were non-US). For those newly…


Query Pattern of the Week: Specify logic for different cases

Last week we kicked off a new blog series to highlight a query pattern with a real world example every week.  This week we examine how to use CASE statements to specify conditional logic.  For more query patterns, check out the Common Stream Analytics Query Patterns page. Description: Evaluate one of multiple results based on…


Query Pattern of the Week: Find the duration of a condition

To increase familiarity with the Stream Analytics Query Language, we are kicking off a blog series that will feature a new query pattern every week from Common Stream Analytics Query Patterns.  In addition to the examples and explanations found in the documentation, posts will also include a sample data file that you can use to…


Common Stream Analytics Query Patterns

We have received many questions and requests for help from customers who aren’t sure how to write their stream processing logic in the Stream Analytics Query Language.  We are happy to announce that we have released a guide that captures common query patterns and describes them fully with sample data, code snippets, and explanations:…


New ASA Features: Service Bus Queues, Topics outputs & Power BI Org Id decoupled from Azure Id

We are pleased to announce the following new features added to Azure Stream Analytics: Built-in Output to Service Bus Queues and Topics In your Azure Stream Analytics job, you now have two additional output options: Service Bus queues and topics. These options enable you to easily implement many common use cases like integration with your…

Stream Analytics at Build 2015

This morning Azure Stream Analytics was featured during the keynote presentation at Build. Joseph Sirosh, Corporate Vice President of Information Management & Machine Learning at Microsoft, showcased ASA as part of an end-to-end streaming solution that detects the age and gender of user-submitted facial images, aggregates results, and displays the data in a PowerBI dashboard…


Azure Stream Analytics Now Generally Available

This morning Joseph Sirosh, Corporate Vice President of Information Management & Machine Learning at Microsoft, announced the General Availability of Azure Stream Analytics.   This release represents an important step towards our continued commitment to support the real-time streaming data needs of today’s modern businesses.  Since releasing our Public Preview in October 2014, our team…