Now in Public Preview: Visual Studio tools for Azure Stream Analytics on IoT Edge

Azure Stream Analytics (ASA) on IoT Edge empowers developers to deploy real-time analytical intelligence closer to IoT devices so that they can unlock the full value of device-generated data. Today we are happy to announce that Visual Studio tools for ASA now supports development of ASA on IoT Edge, in addition to development of cloud jobs. These tools can greatly simplify the experience for developing ASA Edge jobs.

With these Visual Studio tools, you can easily author an ASA Edge script with IntelliSense support, test it on your local machine against local data inputs and then create a corresponding job in the cloud for deployment on the IoT Edge.

Below we take a look at some of the key features available, or you can quickly get started by following the tutorial.

Script Authoring

As with ASA Cloud project you can start with creating an ASA on IoT Edge project. This lets you create and open queries in the editor that understand IoT Edge syntax and offers several cool features including keyword completion, error marker and syntax highlighting. These features can save editing time as well as help you correct compilation errors as early as possible.

Local testing

Since we released Visual Studio tools for ASA cloud jobs in 2017, local testing has become the most popular feature among users. The tools encapsulate a single-box local runtime which allows you to run the query solely on the local machine. In this way you can focus on verifying the query logic even in a disconnected mode before deploying to devices.

Submit an ASA Edge job

When the local development and testing is done, you can submit an ASA Edge job to Azure and then use IoT Hub to deploy it to your IoT Edge device(s).

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