Improved Stream Analytics output support in Visual Studio

Power BI and Azure Data Lake Store outputs are now supported in Visual Studio tools. Previously users can only create or view jobs with these types of outputs in the Azure portal. Now all these actions can also be performed in Visual Studio tools.

With this capability, developers can enjoy the same powerful developer experience for all types of Stream Analytics projects. For more information about Stream Analytics tools for Visual Studio, please see the Get started documentation.

Getting started

To create a job with Power BI or Data Lake Store output, just create a Stream Analytics project as before and choose the Sink type from the dropdown list.


When Power BI or Data Lake Store is selected as an output in the Stream Analytic project, you need to authorize use of your existing Power BI or Data Lake Store before submitting the job.


Now you can create a Visual Studio project from an existing job with Data Lake Store or Power BI output just like other output types. Find the job in Server Explorer under Stream Analytics node, right click on it and then choose to export it to a Stream Analytics project.


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