Handling Json array in Stream Analytics Query

This week, I am sharing a query question asked in stackoverflow to illustrate how to handle json array in Stream Analytics Query:




I retrieve some weatherdata from an external API. This is returned as JSON and send to an Azure IoT hub. Stream analytics processes the json into a proper format, but I got a problem here.

The element: Current_Condition, is of an array format. It always has one element on the [0] position. I only need to get the data of that array from that very first position, without a filter for things like id etc.

Under here is the complete data











"observation_time":"10:00 AM",







"weatherDesc":[{"value":"Fog, Mist"}],











"query":"Nijmegen, Netherlands",










You need to use GetArrayElement function. For example:

SELECT GetRecordProperty(GetArrayElement(Current_Condition,0),'humidity')

To make it a bit nicer you can split query into 2 steps:

WITH CurrentConditions AS
GetArrayElement(Current_Condition,0)as conditions 
FROM input 
FROM CurrentConditions
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