Notify users of data received from sensors or other systems

How many times have you gone to a vending machine, just to find that the one snack bar you wanted out of the 50,000 things in the machine has run out?  If you are really hungry you could kick the machine, but well that wouldn’t help. Say you write a note to the vending machine company. Let’s see what the vending machine company can do with this information today. Joe, our vending machine owner looks at the note and thinks of ways to reduce this customer dissatisfaction. He could replace additional slots with this snack bar. But wait, what if we at Azure could help Joe. Spyros Sakellariadis explains in this blog how to use Azure Stream Analytics to notify users of data received from sensors or other systems. Imagine remote telemetry from this vending machine is sent to the Azure. Using stream analytics you can continuously monitor the inventory you had added to the vending machine, information of purchases or money received by vending machine you are receiving via telemetry and current state of the inventory in the vending machine. Now only if you could write up a neat query and send a push notification to the nearest route driver as soon as you know the snack bar is about to run out. Thanks Spyros for this nicely written post.

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