How do I transform incoming events using Stream Analytics?

Question: The data that arrives from the devices will have the format Time, Id, P1, P2, P3. Can this be transformed using SA to the other/vertical format and stored to SQL? This interesting question was asked by one of our users recently and our good friend Paolo Salvatori has put up a well written solution on his blog. Thanks Paolo for the quick write-up.

Here is the example:

Instead of having a horizontal structure on the tables, e.g.

Time, Id, P1, P2, P3

21-01-2016 12:23:22, XYZ, 3, 5, 7

We are thinking of a horizontal structure, e.g.

Time, Id, Type, Value

21-01-2016 12:23:22, XYZ, P1, 3

21-01-2016 12:23:22, XYZ, P2, 5

21-01-2016 12:23:22, XYZ, P3, 7

The reason for this is that the different devices sends different data and we can accommodate for this.

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