Azure Stream Analytics @ The First Ever Cortana Analytics Workshop!

The Azure Stream Analytics (ASA) team was proud to be a part of the first ever Cortana Analytics Workshop that was held September 10-11, 2015. The 2-day event was sold out, we had around 700 attendees, around 500 customers/partners from 293 companies and 35 countries (almost 1 in 5 attendees were non-US). For those newly hearing about Cortana Analytics, below is a picture that summarizes the various components in the Suite.  Azure Stream Analytics is a key component playing a role in the Analytics stack to provide real-time stream processing optimized for low latency, high throughput, resilient workloads.


The tutorial session that the team hosted for ASA had a full-house with around 140 participants putting the infrastructure we had setup for the lab to test at scale!  The tutorial titled “Unlocking Real-Time Insights for Your IoT Data” walked participants through gaining real-time insights on device data ingested through Azure Event Hubs and processed using ASA.  Below are some highlights from the session and the workshop. You can try the tutorial at your leisure by accessing step-by-step instructions here

To learn more about Azure Stream Analytics, access our new Stream Analytics Learning Map on Azure Stream Analytics documentation page!.


Keynote Highlights:

  • Joseph Sirosh, Corporate Vice President of Information Management & Machine Learning kicked-off the workshop with opening keynote on the “Future of Analytics”. He talked about the intelligent cloud, how it’s eating software + data, the power of transforming data into intelligence & actions, Microsoft’s vision for analytics that is Agile, Simple & Beautiful, and how Cortana Analytics Suite (CAS) puts us on that path.
  • Jason Wilcox, Partner Director of Information Management had a great session on “Demystifying Cortana Analytics” – he talked about the kinds of questions companies are asking of their data, the [convoluted] processes for getting those questions answered today, and how CAS can help streamline this process, end-to-end.
  • James Phillips, Corporate Vice President of Power BI had a very polished closing keynote for the day, on “Power BI 2.0” in the context of the data platform. He talked about how the software connecting businesses to customers has gotten progressively strengthened over the years – first by the web, then mobile, and now IoT. Along the way, tonsmore data are generated, with an unprecedented “data dividend” awaiting companies that embrace this change / opportunity. Power BI is the single pane of glass to make sense of this data and gain deeper insights. And Microsoft, with CAS, is the only “full coverage vendor” with solutions for all classes of data – transactional, big data, streaming – be it on-prem or cloud, i.e. a “single throat to choke”. No other vendor gives you this.


 For latest news on workshop and other updates visit Joseph Sirosh’s blog.

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  1. David Merchant says:

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