New: Support for Power BI Groups and Documentation Updates

As the fall begins to kick into high gear, we are excited to have another great new feature to share with you today: Support for pushing output from your Stream Analytics job to Power BI Groups, allowing the output and any associated dashboards etc. to be shared with other Power BI users.

Groups in Power BI bring you and your colleagues together to collaborate, communicate, and connect with your data across Office 365. Create a group in either Power BI or Office 365. From your Stream Analytics job you can now select to send output to a specific group within your Power BI account or choose to simply continue to write to "My Workspace". Then invite co-workers into your group workspace where you can collaborate on shared dashboards, reports, and datasets. For more information on Groups in Power BI check out the Power BI Groups documentation.

In addition to the release of Power BI Groups support, we are also releasing a number of updates to our Stream Analytics documentation addressing customer feedback and making it easier to get started learning about the product. To learn more check out the new Stream Analytics Learning Map on


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