New ASA Features: Service Bus Queues, Topics outputs & Power BI Org Id decoupled from Azure Id

We are pleased to announce the following new features added to Azure Stream Analytics:

Built-in Output to Service Bus Queues and Topics

In your Azure Stream Analytics job, you now have two additional output options: Service Bus queues and topics. These options enable you to easily implement many common use cases like integration with your line of business applications, alerting systems, ERP systems, sending email alerts, etc. Biztalk Server and Services have out of the box connectors for queues and topics which allow you to implement typical EAI/ESB integration patterns by combining Service Bus and BizTalk. Details on connecting to Service Bus topics and queues are covered in the Create Stream Analytics outputs article.  


Power BI Org Id decoupled from Azure Id

This should be very exciting news for our customers using Live Id for their Azure account! Since Power BI works with work or school accounts, previously ASA jobs with Power BI output could not be created in non-organizational Azure accounts.  We heard feedback that this blocked many scenarios, so we have added a feature to authenticate Power BI output for ASA jobs under any Azure account type. Additionally, you can also choose to have one work or school account for your Azure account and use a different one for authorizing Power BI output. Details on setting up a job with Power BI output can be found here.   


Thanks again for using Azure Stream Analytics. We would love to hear about your experience, use cases and feedback. Following are various channels to keep in touch:


Comments (2)

  1. Simon says:

    Hi, I authorized my powerbi organization account (e.g. to ASA output and still don't see the dataset in powerbi.

    My ASA is running in in South Central US.  Does it matter?

  2. Baris Yazici says:

    How can I set MessageId of a message for deduping purposes?

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