The 10 minute ASA Challenge!

Did you know that you could set up an ASA pipeline with an end-to-end Internet of Things(IOT) scenario in 10 minutes? We have recently published a sample in GitHub which lets you create an ASA pipeline and run it with all its dependencies. Using a single PowerShell command you can have this set up in minutes and see the end to end working. The ReadMe has details of the scenario and how you can setup it up.


This also works great with Sensor Tag from Texas Instruments or you could also use the simulator which comes with the sample.


One of our recent videos on Azure Friday shows this sample in action using real sensors.

We look forward to hearing from you on the Stream Analytics Forum and Azure Feedback Forum. Happy Coding!

Comments (2)

  1. travis k says:

    will this work with the new sensortag (…/cc2650stk)? the older one can't be sold through anymore.

  2. SadNoob says:

    Switch-AzureMode is deprecated, so script doesn't work anymore unfortunately.

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