Tips for Troubleshooting Stream Analytics jobs with PowerBI Output

In this blog post, we cover basic troubleshooting guidance for Azure Stream Analytics jobs with real-time Power BI dashboards. For an introduction to ASA and PowerBI integration, check out Azure Stream Analytics & Power BI: Live dashboard for analytics in real-time on streaming data.

1. Check for output events


As a first step for debugging your job, go to the Monitor tab.  Here you can view key metrics on job progress and the number of input and output events the job has encountered.

If there are no output events, that means that there is an issue with the job, itself, and Power BI is not a factor.  Follow the steps in this blog post to diagnose the root cause: Debugging each stage of your ASA job.

 2. Check the operation logs to verify that data is being sent to Power BI

Operation Logs are a Management Services feature available in the Azure Management portal that allows you to view historical logs of operations performed on your Azure services, including Stream Analytics Services. 


In Operations Logs, query for entries using Timestamp, operation = 'Send Events', and Status ='Failed'.  


ASA logs every push request to Power BI in the Operation Logs along with timestamp and status. This gives you a detailed picture of the job's status and it also helps you find out the latency from the time events are sent to the time they are displayed in Power BI dashboards. 

3. Rule out known issues

 Authorization Error: If your job has been running for 2 weeks since creation or since last re-authorization, and you see the error below, go to your Power BI output, click the 'Authorize' link, and restart your job.


Authentication Error: If the 'Send Events' status is 'Failed', and the operation detail displays 403 forbidden, this could be caused by a changed Power BI password or a system bug.  If you did not change the password, please contact Support and provide the Correlation Id to ASA support and the timestamp of the first instance 403 error.

Large data sets not supported: If your ASA pipeline is consuming large raw text data such as a tweet, and your query is projecting this field into Power BI, the dashboard will not be updated in real-time after a while. Power BI doesn't support fields over 1000 characters and dashboards are designed to display aggregate data not raw data with large partitions.

4. Contact support

If the above steps do not address the issue, contact Azure Support and provide the specified information based on your symptoms:

  • Your dashboard isn't updated and Operations Logs shows "Send Events Failed":
    • Correlation Id
    • Timestamp when failed
    • Any detail displayed 
  • Your dashboard isn't updated and "Send Events Failed" does not appear in your Operations Logs
    • Timestamp of last successful update of dashboard
    • The start time that dashboard stopped updating. 

Azure Stream Analytics with Power BI integration is still in preview but we are listening your feedback. Thanks for continuing to provide feedback on ASA!

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  1. Yannis says:

    Azure Stream Analytics Datasets do not appear on powerbi in order to create a tile. It was working before the powerbi update 10/11

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