Support for Custom Blob Output Path

One common request that we have received from Azure Stream Analytics users is the ability to specify the frequency that new blob output files are written.  Today's update to ASA adds support for this via the Path Prefix Pattern output setting.

The Path Prefix field has been renamed to Path Prefix Pattern and it now supports the {date} and {time} tokens.  Using {date} and {time} tokens, you can specify how often a new blob file is written as well as the folder structure.  When tokens are used in the path, you will be prompted to specify the date and time format (e.g., YYYY/MM/DD, DD/MM/YYYY, MM-DD-YYYY, etc.)

As your Stream Analytics job processes data and produces output, new blobs will be written using the specified convention.  For the example above, the folder structure would look like the following:

For more information on using ASA, see our documentation.  We look forward to hearing from you on the Stream Analytics Forum and Azure Feedback Forum

Comments (5)

  1. Sam Vanhoutte, Codit says:

    Thanks Janet, this is a great enhancement!

  2. rob says:

    looking to use a variable/column from the input query in the file name path for the output file name. We partition our data based on one of those columns

    Any way to do that today?


  3. Matt says:

    @rob and @msft I am also interested in partitioning my output by a field in my input.  Did this question ever get answered, or a solution tested?

  4. vindu says:

    Can we include not just hours rather minutes and seconds part in time while creating of blob name?

  5. Jakob says:

    Will the {date}{time} in UTC time if my job is set to be exceuted on resource located in e.g. US central?

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