Best of Community Content for ASA

Since the General Availability of Azure Stream Analytics last month, ASA users have generated many helpful samples, blog posts, and videos to share their solutions and experiences using ASA.  Here are some of are favorites.  Do you have something great to share?  Tweet us at @AzureStreaming

Analyzing Google Analytics Data in Real Time with Azure Stream Analytics: This video from BlueGranite walks through an end-to-end solution for analyzing and visualizing Google Analytics web traffic data in a live dashboard.

Connected Car with Microsoft Azure: Blog post and video demo for streaming car data (engine speed, location, fuel level, etc.) in real time from an Android drive simulator application.

SQL Server Intrusion Detection: Tutorial for analyzing failed on-prem SQL Server logins to detect and alert on potential malicious behavior.

ServiceFabric + ASA = Crime Detection: Blog post outlining a POC to analyze simulated traffic camera data to detect stolen vehicles and display findings in a PowerMap.


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