Stream Analytics Hands On Lab

We have been getting a lot of request around providing a Hands On Lab for Stream Analytics. Today we are happy to announce that we have published our Hands On Lab materials and its sample code and you can download it from GitHub.

Event-driven processing through declarative, long-standing queries is a fundamentally different paradigm than the request-response model seen in databases. Azure Stream Analytics is a fully managed service which gives you the ability to write simple SQL queries for event processing. In order to assist you in your efforts at learning this new paradigm, we have put together a white paper for a Hands on Lab using a real-world scenario

  1. to help you “think through” stream processing in simple, layered levels of understanding – as a complement to the product documentation and
  2. to reinforce this learning through examples for various use cases – so that you can design the query plan for a particular problem, and compose the corresponding Stream Analytics query.

This release consists of the following:

  1. Script-Hands-on.Lab.Instructions.pdf
  3. Source Code (zip)

To get started, please download the Hands On Lab from GitHub.

- Stream Analytics Team

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