Optical Logo Test failures related to SATA bus data transfer size requirement

The SATA specification does not support data transfers of odd number of bytes. The 10.3.11 section in the SATA specification 2.6 discuss about this issue.  But the optical logo test in the WLK 1.2 did not considered this in validating the test cases.  So, the following test cases might fail on a SATA optical device


Inquiry test case

Mode Sense test case


These test cases validate the Inquiry/Modesense SCSI command with random allocation lengths. This is to make sure the device handles the command properly with any allocation length. But the generated random allocation length might be an odd number and that data transfer size will not supported by the SATA protocol.


Serial Number test case


This test case uses the Inquiry command to verify the drive serial number. It sends the Inquiry command with allocation length of “5” to get the additional length required to get the complete Inquiry response. The Inquiry command will fail because the requested data transfer size, "5" is an odd number of bytes.





Comments (2)

  1. mike says:

    So how do we cover this failure when testing SATA ODDs? Is there an errata or WLK update covering this to bypass this failure?

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