Disk IO test fails on disks with free space more than 2 tera bytes

The Disk IO test fails on the disks with free space more than 2 tera bytes. It fails with an error code 0x06 and error message “The handle is invalid”. The only workaround for this problem is to reduce the disk space to less than 2TB. This test issue will be fixed in the future WLK…


Optical Drive Tray status Implementation

The WLK 1.2 version of the Optical Logo test verifies if the drive reports the following sense codes properly DESCRIPTION SENSE KEY ASC ASCQ MEDIUM NOT PRESENT 0x02 0x3A 0x00 MEDIUM NOT PRESENT – TRAY CLOSED 0x02 0x3A 0x01 MEDIUM NOT PRESENT – TRAY OPEN 0x02 0x3A 0x02   The test expects the drives to…


Optical Logo Test – Drive Serial Number test case

The WLK 1.2 version of the optical logo test would need at least two identical test drives to validate if the drive reports unique serial number. If the test drive is a Read only drive then it would need two identical test drives and one writable drive. The writable drive is to burn test data…


RAID adapter design recommendations

If you are not aware, there is Whitepaper available at WHDC, that describes how to design RAID Adapters and drivers to work well with Windows and meet the Windows Logo requirements. The White Paper can be found at  http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/device/storage/RAID_design.mspx  


Optical Logo Test failures related to SATA bus data transfer size requirement

The SATA specification does not support data transfers of odd number of bytes. The 10.3.11 section in the SATA specification 2.6 discuss about this issue.  But the optical logo test in the WLK 1.2 did not considered this in validating the test cases.  So, the following test cases might fail on a SATA optical device…


Optical logo test – Write Speed Measurement

The following description might help you understand the test logic being used in the optical logo test to validate the drive write speed. The test queries the device and gets the supported write speeds for the test media. Then it will try to validate the write scenario for all the reported write speeds. The test expects…


Storage Query Property test

The storage query property test validates if the storage miniport driver is reporting the correct bus type and the storage controller is reporting the correct PCI class code.   The test sends the IOCTL_STORAGE_QUERY_PROPERTY with STORAGE_PROPERTY_ID set to StorageAdapterProperty/StorageDeviceProperty to get the device bus type from the storage miniport driver.  The miniport driver should report…


MPIO test – WLK 1.1

The MPIO test documentation has incorrect information in the software requirements section. Here is what the documentation says:   Software Requirements:   1.       Windows Server 2008 2.       Software components included with the device that is being tested. 3.       Unsupported Software: Third Party MPIO Solution that does not use a Microsoft MPIO DSM.   The 4th requirement…


Storage submission wizard page – WLK 1.1

The storage submission wizard page in WLK 1.1 doesn’t display device bus type combo box properly. The combo box is clipped and it will appear as an edit box. The users will notice this bug for disk drive, removable storage device and medium changer submissions. If the user enters some data in that field, that data…