Can DVD readers report DVD+R, DVD+RW as supported profiles?

Our interpretation is that the drive should not report a profile if it cannot recognize the blank media for that type.  If the DVD reader is a capable of reading from the recorded DVD+R, DVD+RW media then it can report DVD+R feature and DVD+RW feature as supported features but not the profiles for those media types. The MMC committee also agrees that the DVD drives should not report DVD+R and DVD+RW profiles as supported profiles if they are not capable of writing to those media types.

The MMC test fails on these types of drives because the drives are not capable of recognizing the blank media. The test expects the drive to recognize the blank media if they report it as a supported profile.  The MMC spec doesn’t clearly address this issue, so we are issuing erratum to cover the test failures.  This erratum will be removed when this issue is addressed in the next revisions of the MMC spec.

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