Updated version of SCSI Compliance test (1.3.6 H was 1.3.6 G was 1.3.6 F)

An updated version of the SCSI Compliance Test has been posted on https://connect.microsoft.com.  You must be a member of the Storage Logo Program Beta Users program to download.  You can join this program by finding it in the Available Connections section.  If you do not see the program, please send me an email by clicking…


Can DVD readers report DVD+R, DVD+RW as supported profiles?

Our interpretation is that the drive should not report a profile if it cannot recognize the blank media for that type.  If the DVD reader is a capable of reading from the recorded DVD+R, DVD+RW media then it can report DVD+R feature and DVD+RW feature as supported features but not the profiles for those media…


Testing Serial ATA Hard Disk Drives and Serial ATA Optical Drives in DTM

A few issues have come up lately when testing Serial ATA devices and I wanted to share the problems testers are hitting. SATA-IO Sig Test is failing. Solution: Download and install the latest errata filters from http://winqual.microsoft.com/member/SubmissionWizard/LegalExemptions/filterupdates.cab.  Re-save the submission CPK. This test is designed to validate the Windows Logo Program Requirement STORAGE-001 requirement for SATA Devices:”All…


Storage Presentation Slides

Here are the slides from a talk I gave at the DTM Plugfest in Taipei, Taiwan.  They provide a good overview of how to run the tests, common testing issues, and changes since the HCT.   storage.ppt


Diagnosing failures in DTM

So you’ve run all the tests in DTM and tried to create a submission package, but you find that you are failing tests.  Don’t panic: DTM was built with testing in mind and will give you all the information you need to fix the problem fast. The first thing you need to know to diagnose a test…


First Post!

After many months of tough developing and testing, we’ve done it!  With the release of Vista RC1 came the first official release of the WDK.  We’ve done our best to ensure that logoing a storage device is a pleasant, painless experience, but we know we’re not perfect, and bugs may exist.  As a result we…